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13 iunie 2024

Stiinta si Tehnica

CISSmarket.com launch – Save up to 95% on your printing cost!

Are your printer cartridges too expensive and they run out too quickly? Now, this is a solved problem – CISS prints up till 95% cheaper than the conventional cartridges with a similar print quality and costs the same to print in black/white or color I recommend you to visit the online store CISSmarket.com especially designed

Noul CISSmarket.ro

Noul CISSmarket.ro Cartusele costa prea mult si se termina prea repede? Spuneti adio cartuselor scumpe si refill-urilor complicate! Noul sistem CISS tipareste cu pana la 95% mai ieftin la o calitate a imprimarii similara cu cea obtinuta la cartusele obisnuite Sistemul CISS  – Sistem de alimentare continua cu cerneala – alimenteaza cu cerneala un tip special